Why we are
The Best For the Job

Brighter Sparks Electrical take pride in serving our people since 2016. We understood and learnt the principles of nature and created a way to get immense advantages from natural resources that never run out. Solar power is one of the techniques used to generate energy in form of electricity by using the UV light coming from the Sun. The use of natural source to synthesize energy on Earth is eternal.

We are a company based upon the principle to generate thousands of watts of electricity by installing solar panels in the buildings. Our work is transcendent in terms of quality, price, warranty, and manual service. We provide thorough inspection of the area first to look out for best locations to install the panels after which our experts visit the place and get the work done by themselves. Installation and maintenance are our duties and we work until our customers are satisfied.

In 2016, Brighter Sparks Electrical PTY LTD started supplying quality solar systems with a commitment to premium quality installations with a key focus on customer service. Brighter Sparks Electrical PTY LTD is entirely Australian owned and operated company using only in-house installers who are also CEC qualified and certified. Brighter Sparks Electrical’s reputation is based on its ability to provide the highest quality solar products in association with high-quality installation.
Since establishing in Sydney, our operational focus has been to support our customers through the decision-making process. Whilst meeting quality standards and expectations, Brighter Sparks also strives to establish long-term partnerships with our customers in relation to upgrades, evolving the solar system with new and improved technologies and transforming the way we use and store power.